Mysterywood Teardrop

Mysterywood Teardrop

Exotic wood earrings are very versatile.
They complment both casual and more formal looks.
These wood earrings are handmade from beautiful Mystery hardwood.
Cut from blocks, Shaped with a scroll saw, Edges filed smooth and hand sanded using muiltable different grits of sandpaper up to 3000 grit.
Sealed with mineral oil which is food/skin safe.
Stainless Steel rings and hooks.

With these products, this is the natural grain color of the wood. There are no paints, no stains, or dyes on these earrings.They are treated with mineral oil to bring out the natural beauty and/or Urethened to protect them.Theses wooden earrings are simple and beautiful, very lightweight and comfortable to wear.My handcrafted wood earrings are one-of-a-kind. Made with exotic woods from all around the world. Due to raw materials and the nature of wood, no two pair is the same.These earrings have vibrant color, Interesting grains, Unique designs.The nice thing about wood earrings is that wood grains never repeat, so the earrings you purchase are the only pair that look that way. You can wear these with just about any outfit, as wood is pretty much a neutral color and can work with other colors without clashing.These earrings are Natural, Organic, and Earth friendly.These earrings would be a great addition to your collection.Give as a gift for Birthdays, Anniversary’s, Weddings, and Family Events.Buy for yourself as well as several pairs to give as gifts.

  • Care Instructions and Additional Information

    Handmade item
    As with all handmade items, handle with care. Wood earrings are not waterproof, please don't immerse earrings in water.
    Should they ever get dull, apply additional minerial oil and buff with a soft cloth.
    Due to the handmade nature of these earrings, they may vary slightly from the ones pictured.
    Since wood grain is variable, your pair will not look exactly as the ones pictured.
    Also, keep in mind monitor settings can be different from computer to computer so the color might vary slightly from what is pictured.
    Due to some products popularity I may need to take a day or two to craft a product for you.  
    Please be patient and I will notify you and send your purchase upon completion.